A: Ayurveda subsumes a holistic approach to heal any issue a human finds. It doesn’t provide you a solution for a day or month, instead, the hair care by Ayurveda addresses the root cause and gives 100% natural results. There’s no better caretaker than nature & Ayurveda. It besides keeping the roots strong, adding a natural bounce to hair, it keeps you healthy as well, without engendering side effects. So in all ways, it proves as a boon and helps you taking care of your hair!

A: Yes! The oil contains natural essence that removes every imbalance and strengthens the hair roots. Regular applying of oil that is formulated with herbs, helps you get regrowth possible with sheer nourishment and makes you love your hair right away!

A: Of course! Now you can bid a final goodbye to shabby weak ends by using Mool Hair Grow solution on a regular basis. Especially the ingredients of Mool Hair oil works on enhancing blood circulation after having a proper massage on the head and give deep nourishment to hair. Slowly, it helps you beat such split-ends and let you flaunt hair in all ways you want!

A: Usually, hair oils suit one or two types of hair. However, Mool Hair Grow Oil is one that fulfills the demands of every sort of hair either oily, thick, thin, premature greying, frizzy, prone to split-ends, every sort of hair get the one-stop solution at our space.
You just need to give a light-handed massage to your scalp & hair. Let it nourish deeply and work on soothing your hair. It’s perfectly suitable for all hair types.

A: The number of times you apply oil to hair matter a ton. Mool Hair Grow oil gives you everlasting results if you apply it in the way required. Gently massage your hair from roots and then apply it to your hair. Use your fingertips to massage gently to it. You can use the oil before shampooing your hair every time. If it's possible to keep it the whole night before shampooing in the morning then that’s great. Otherwise, 2-3 hours before washing hair is enough.

A: The complete natural extract capsules for hair growth by Mool Hair Grow assures faster hair growth. Unlike other extracts available in the market, this one is completely safe to opt for. It doesn’t carry any sort of side effect as it's been prepared by using the same herbs as used in Mool Hair Grow Oil. It properly repairs & stimulates the damaged roots. It gets mixed up with blood and provides deep nourishment & nutrients and also enhances oxygen circulation for proper growth. These are clinically tested and provide proven results!